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 Name: Magnesium nitrogen fertilizer
Magnesium nitrogen fertilizer

Product name: Magnesium nitrogen fertilizer
Common name: Medium element water soluble fertilizer
Executive standard: NY 2266-2012
Product nature: 98% purity, colorless or white transparent crystal, soluble in water, easy to deliquate in air.
Nutrient content: Nitrate nitrogen(N)≥10.5% Magnesium oxide(MgO)≥15%
Product features:
1.This fertilizer is Nitrate nitrogen and water-soluble magnesium combined dual effect fertilizer, with the advantages of good instant solubility, fast fertilizer effect, direct absorption and so on.
2.Nitrate nitrogen from the product can be directly absorbed by crops without soil transformation, and can quickly replenish nitrogen for crops.
3.Magnesium is an essential medium nutrient for crops and is an important component of chlorophyll, which promotes photosynthesis and sugar accumulation.
4.For crops that need more magnesium, if trees, vegetables, etc., the application effect is better.
Product packaging: 25KG/ bag, inside plastic bag, or according to customer requirements.